Brewing / Pubs / Supply Chain / 23 May 2012

2012 summer celebrations – let’s keep on top of keg security, says BBPA

With the Diamond Jubilee and Olympics set to boost beer sales, licensees are being urged to make sure that empty kegs and casks are stored safely and returned to breweries as soon as possible. The British Beer & Pub Association has made the call, and is urging licensees to follow the advice for safe storage on the Kegaware page of its new website at

Big summer events will boost beer orders, and storage space in pubs will be at a premium, with a lot of other goods coming into premises. These extra pressures on the system heighten the need for keeping on top of keg security, says the BBPA. And with the loss of kegs costing the industry £50 million per year, it’s a good time to remember that care is needed to protect kegs from loss and theft.

Kegs should be stored safely, preferably inside, or well secured if left outside. Empty containers should be returned with each delivery and the collection of surplus empties requested promptly, to ensure containers always move efficiently through the system.

Delivery notes should be checked and signed, and ID requested, if in any doubt over whether authorised staff are collecting empties. If licensees are having any problems in getting their empties collected, they can call Kegwatch on 0808 100 1945.

BBPA Chief Executive, Brigid Simmonds comments:

“We have a great summer of celebration and sport ahead, and pubs will be at the heart of it. Kegs are a precious asset, but even more so with a boost in beer demand. Everyone benefits if we can keep them moving smoothly and swiftly through the system.”

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