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When it comes to beer tax, England tops the Euro 2012 league

As the European Football Championships gets underway, a new league table reveals that British beer drinkers pay the highest levels of beer tax of all 16 qualifying countries. While beer lovers in host country Ukraine pay a mere four pence in every pint to their taxman, George Osborne takes a whacking 55 pence in every British pint.

The table – produced by the British Beer & Pub Association – highlights the impact of huge beer tax hikes which triggered an e-petition among pub-goers to force a Parliamentary debate to freeze the beer duty escalator, introduced by Labour in 2008.

The controversial policy has so far seen beer tax increase a massive 42 per cent and 54,000 people have already supported a tax freeze.

Brigid Simmonds, BBPA, Chief Executive said:

‘If the Chancellor was concerned about being out of touch with pasty eaters, he should be terrified of the backlash from Sun readers and beer drinkers if he does not do something to stop tax hikes on our pint.’

Jonathan Neame, Chief Executive of Shepherd Neame, Britain’s oldest family brewer, and the new chairman-elect of the BBPA said:

“British pubs need a break. If, as we hope, millions of football fans flock to the pub to support England these shocking statistics put us in a league of our own with punitive levels of beer tax.”

Tim Martin, Chairman of JD Wetherspoon said:

“Doing nothing is not an option. British beer drinkers pay 40% of the Euro beer tax bill when consuming only 13% of the beer sold in Europe. A beer tax break will create much-needed jobs.
With u-turns from Number Eleven all the rage, the Chancellor still has time to amend the Finance Bill to halt the beer duty escalator.”

Euro 2012 Beer Tax league table

1England 55p
2 Sweden 47p
3 Republic of Ireland 39p
4 Denmark 17p
5 Netherlands 16p
6 Greece 15p
7 Italy 14p
8 Russia 14p
9 Croatia 14p
10 Poland 12p
11 Portugal 9p
12 Czech Republic 8p
13 France 7p
14 Spain 5p
15 Germany 5p
16 Ukraine 4p

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