Brewing / Corporate Social Responsibility / Environment / Regulation / 10 March 2015

BBPA launches energy audit solution to meet new legislation

The BBPA has launched a new scheme designed to reduce the costs associated with the new Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) legislation.

In order to comply with the ESOS, companies must carry out an energy audit by December 2015. The scope of the new legislation is large, covering brewers, tenanted/leased, and managed house operators. Any company employing over 250 employees will be covered, which could mean operators with as few as ten managed outlets. Those with a turnover in excess of £42.5 million and with a balance sheet over £36.5 million are also covered.

The regulations require companies to measure their energy use across their operations, identify areas of significant energy consumption and carry out audits on these processes. Audits then needs to be signed off by a registered ‘lead assessor’.

Working with expert consultants, the BBPA has produced a scheme to help brewing and pub businesses navigate this process. It has been specifically designed for the beer and pub industry, and also has the flexibility to allow companies to only pay for the specific services they need. Companies already measuring their energy usage, for example, will not need to pay for this part of the service.

The main audit tool is a series of questionnaires, tailored for breweries, pubs, company head offices and other energy users. This will identify potential energy saving measures that companies can choose to implement, including the cost and payback.

The BBPA says that there is strong interest in its new scheme, which is open to non-BPPA members. Companies have already begun to sign up, reporting that the costs are significantly lower than other offers they have considered.

BBPA Chief Executive Brigid Simmonds comments:

“We have put together a flexible, low-cost compliance package that offers great value and is specifically tailored for brewers and pub operators to help them get to grips with these new obligations. I am very confident it will prove an attractive offer and that we will rapidly recruit clients from both inside and outside the BBPA membership.”

Companies wanting to know more can contact the BBPA, to receive a no-obligation quote.

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