Brewing / Health & Safety / 03 June 2015

BBPA comments on NGO’s decision to leave European Alcohol and Health Forum

Commenting on the decision of several NGOs to leave the European Alcohol and Health Forum, Brigid Simmonds, BBPA Chief Executive, said:

“I am disappointed that several NGOs have taken this decision. The BBPA is a member of the Forum, and we firmly believe that the partnership approach works well and is a good mechanism for tackling alcohol harm, at both the EU and UK levels.

“We have had two commitments under the Forum, the Challenge 21 campaign which has played a key part in the reduction of sales to underage consumers and also our current commitment on ‘Alcohol Unit Awareness’ in pubs which is helping to provide consumers with better information about the unit content of what they drink.’

“Through similar work in the UK, via the Government’s Responsibility Deal, we have achieved considerable success to date, meeting the billion unit reduction pledge by increasing availability of lower-strength beers and ensuring that over 80 per cent of beer products on shelf have health information on unit content, a pregnancy warning and the Chief Medical Officer’s guidance on lower risk consumption.”

“It is positive that in the UK, key indicators show a reduction in alcohol related harms and I hope in future, these organisations will decide to return and continue to work collaboratively to tackle alcohol misuse across Europe.”

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