Beer Duty / Duty Fraud / 29 July 2015

BBPA comments on Duty Fraud Task Force report

The BBPA has commented on the publication of the Joint Alcohol Anti-Fraud Taskforce report, in which the BBPA works with HMRC and other stakeholder’s through a series of working groups, to collaborate in cracking down on alcohol duty fraud.

Commenting in the report, BBPA Policy Director, Andy Tighe, writes:

“There has been excellent progress and positive tangible outputs across a number of areas…

“Having HMRC, other Government agencies and industry representatives from across the whole alcohol supply chain around the table has enabled reducing duty fraud to be considered from all angles and from all perspectives.

“Most importantly it has enabled the JAAT activity to be increasingly focussed on effective and practically achievable measures to reduce fraud and a greater understanding of the barriers to success.

“It has also been an important learning process for all parties who seem genuinely committed to the JAAT process and ultimately achieving the shared goal of a significant reduction in alcohol duty fraud.

“The brewing industry remains fully committed to continuing this process, further streamlining activity now some of the key actions have been completed whilst still fostering an environment that encourages new ideas and innovations to reduce fraud further.”

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