Supply Chain / 03 November 2015

Thriving UK malt industry vital to British beer, Brigid Simmonds tells Maltsters Annual Lunch

BBPA Chief Executive Brigid Simmonds has stressed the vital importance of Britain’s malting industry to British brewing and the wider the UK economy. Mrs Simmonds was speaking at the Maltsters Association of Great Britain’s annual lunch in London, where she also thanked the long-serving Chief Executive, Colin West, who is soon to retire as head of the organisation.

“It is a truism that without malt, brewers cannot produce beer. Malt provides our flavour, colour, nutritional content, minerals and has often been described as liquid bread,” Mrs Simmonds told the Maltsters.

British brewing supports 20,000 jobs in agriculture, with about a third of the nation’s barley crop used in brewing or distilling. Every job in British brewing creates a further job in UK agriculture. Brigid praised the work of the Malsters on sustainability and thanked them for their support through the last three, successful beer duty campaigns.

Brigid Simmonds, who delivered the after dinner speech, told today’s guests:

“I want to thank Colin West, who has made a huge contribution to British malt, and as a result to beer. On behalf of the BBPA and everyone else here can I wish you a very happy retirement.”

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