Alcohol policy / Regulation / 08 January 2016

BBPA comments on new guidelines for alcohol consumption

Brigid Simmonds, BBPA Chief Executive commented on today’s announcement of new guidelines on alcohol consumption from the Chief Medical Officer:

“We want to study the evidence fully, but it is important that consumers have confidence in any guidelines and the reasons for any changes are clearly evidence-based and explained.

“Reducing the guidelines means that a whole new group of males are classified as ‘at risk’ drinkers and there is a real danger that consumers will just ignore the advice.

“The new recommendations for men, in particular, put the UK well out of line with other comparable countries. The USA has 24.5 units. France 26, Italy 31.5, and Spain 35 units. In other countries, most guidelines recognise the difference in terms of physiology and metabolism between men and women.

“It is also important to note that alcohol consumption is falling (down 19% since 2004) and harmful drinking is also falling. Between 2005–13, men drinking over the guidelines dropped from 41% to 34% and women from 33% to 26%.”

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