Beer Duty / Brewing / 19 February 2016

Setting the record straight - BBPA responds to claims re beer duty campaign

Setting the record straight, the BBPA has responded to claims today that cuts in beer duty do not benefit pubs:

“Many of the points made are fundamentally misguided, and we will be responding in detail.

“But the crucial, independent evidence is clear; ONS data shows that wholesale prices for beer have fallen since Budget 2013 and for consumers, beer price increases in pubs have been at their lowest since the 1980s, at just over 1 per cent last year. Duty cuts are being passed on.

“It is disappointing to see a very small minority in the sector taking such a negative view of such a widely supported campaign. Our members operate around 17,000 pubs. Among others, CAMRA, one of the largest consumer organisation in the country, also has a long record of supporting the campaign, and has said that consumers have saved around 16p on a pint of beer.”

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