Make Some Noise / 12 August 2016

Machine tie - BBPA clarifies that tie unaffected under new codes for companies with fewer than 500 pubs

The BBPA has moved to correct a report in today’s Coinslot magazine, wrongly stating that there is now a “machine tie free option” for pubs under the new codes for smaller pub companies.

Brigid Simmonds comments:

“To be absolutely clear, the new codes for pub companies with fewer than 500 pubs do not grant a free-of-tie option on machines, and in that regard, the position is unchanged, from the previous code (IFC 6). As I made clear last week, we believe this model works well.

“What the new codes do provide, are provisions that cover the transparent and effective operation of tied machines, such as siting, maintenance, how income is collected and shared, and a number of other aspects, that that offer clarity and provide confidence for licensees.”

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