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A visit to Hogs Back

It seems that you need to be called Thompson to to run Hogs Back brewery – there are three of them, all unrelated! Time spent with Rupert Thompson is never wasted with his fluidity of ideas and plans for the future.

Despite freezing fog from the South Coast all the way to Farnham and a hop garden which not surprisingly was showing little growth in January, it was a very worthwhile visit! Rupert has worked at, and owned, several different breweries, some of which are now owned by other members of the BBPA. He also has interest in start-ups, including photovoltaic cells and jet engines for cars. All rather fascinating, even if you are not very scientific! He is also a non-Executive Director of Thatchers and Martin Thatcher sits on his board too. Cider and beer; a modern combination.

Growing your own hops, (Hogs Back sources the majority of its hops from within five miles of the brewery), creates a very obvious interest in localism and provenance. A trainee television crew from Southampton University were there filming and the brewery and its hop garden has featured on Countryfile.

There is a very wide range of beers, some unique for a brewery of their size; I took with me several bottles to enjoy in due course! Hogs Back won the BBPA ‘Grain to Glass’ Award at our Annual Dinner in 2015. They are proud of this and other awards and it was great to see BBPA acknowledged on a pump clip in Farnham.

Rupert is passionate about training, beer and health, and how we ensure that subsidies are properly and fairly used. He is certainly on a mission in a number of areas and has an energy to carry most of them through.

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Brigid Simmonds

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