Business rates / 04 May 2017

BBPA Signs Business Rates Reform Letter

The British Beer & Pub Association has joined forces with a number of other trade bodies, and co-signed a letter to three major political parties making the case for fundamental reform of the business rates system.

Following Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, and with Britain’s future relationship with Member States yet to be finalised, reducing the burden of business rates is critical to ensuring stability for businesses.

The BBPA and other bodies are calling on the main political parties to look at the business rates system, and ensure that it is fair, incentivises growth and promotes investment.

The joint letter also calls for more frequent revaluations, beginning in 2020, alongside a straightforward valuation process. In conjunction with other trade bodies, the BBPA is also asking to move business rates to CPI indexation from 2018, with a flat rate beginning in 2020.

Brigid Simmonds, Chief Executive, British Beer & Pub Association, comments:

“Whilst measures announced in the last Budget, such as pub-specific relief worth £24 million to pubs, are welcome, these measures are temporary, and the business rates system is still deeply unfair.

“Pubs, many of which are small, independent businesses, pa 2.8 per cent of the total business rates bill on just 0.5 per cent of rate-paying business turnover.

“We are calling on the major political parties to look at the current business rates system, and agree to reforms that would give businesses more confidence at a time of economic uncertainty and increased business costs.”

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