Exports / 21 December 2017

Welcome for US beer tax cuts

Significant cuts in US beer duty will save British beer exporters £7.2 million, and have been welcomed by the BBPA.

Taxes are being reduced by $2 per US barrel for all brewers exporting to the US from the UK. The UK exports 3.4 million barrels to the US each year – our largest export market.

Through a new beer export strategy recently launched by the BBPA, the industry has set itself a target of achieving £100 million growth over the next five years.

BBPA CEO, Brigid Simmonds comments:

“I welcome this tax reduction in the US, which will provide opportunities for British Brewers to pursue markets in the US.

“US small brewers still enjoy tax advantages over UK brewers. When they export to the UK, they receive all the advantages of the UK’s Small Brewer Relief, yet the Federal discounts offered in the US are not available to the UK’s small Brewers.

“This is something we tried hard to correct through the US/EU negotiations on TTIP and would like to see tackled under any forthcoming US/UK trade deal.

“We must however, congratulate the US Beer Institute for all their work to achieve reductions in beer taxation and for their co-operation with us to help UK beer exports.”

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