Alcohol policy / 08 February 2018

BBPA comments on new study from Cambridge University on low-alcohol beer

BBPA Chief Executive Brigid Simmonds comments:


“Among alcoholic drinks beer is already the lowest-strength option available. Notwithstanding this, in recent years brewers have worked hard to remove 1.3 billion units of alcohol from the market through producing low or no strength options and reducing the strength of existing products.


“Existing rules around advertising mean you cannot market alcoholic drinks to consumers based on their relative low ABV compared to stronger ones. We are seeking changes to these rules set through the Advertising Standards Agency and have been for a number of years. Moreover, current labelling regulations further restrict the ability to market lower strength products.


“The findings of this study also run counter to recent research commissioned by Drinkaware, which found that in 2017 a quarter of those who drink alcohol chose an alcoholic drink of lower strength when attempting to reduce their overall consumption of alcohol.”

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