Culture & Tourism / Licensing / Regulation / VAT / 09 April 2018

BBPA welcomes Department for Transport’s next steps towards a new Aviation Strategy

Today the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) has welcomed the publication of the Department for Transport’s ‘Beyond the horizon – the future of UK aviation: next steps towards an aviation strategy’, the document outlines how the upcoming Aviation Strategy will help the UK’s important tourism sector, which supports the UK’s pubs and brewing industry.

The BBPA welcomes the Government’s support for Tourism and the clear desire to welcome visitors to the UK. The ‘Next Steps’ considers the importance of infrastructure connecting roads and rail to airports and is very much part of the Government’s strategy to encourage visitors to reach all parts of the UK. Pubs are important tourist destinations; more than half of tourists visit a pub whist staying in the UK, and pubs are listed as the third most popular UK tourist destination. Overseas visitors also drink our beer, want to try it again when they are home and this is good for brewing exports, worth £595 million to the UK economy in 2017.

There is a section on alcohol consumption at airports. The BBPA has been engaged with the Home Office for some time on this issue and supports the extension of the Licensing Act to airside. Of course, BBPA members who operate at airports all use the same high standards as they do in pubs across the country. We are helping airports interested in many of the partnership schemes run by the industry, but it is vital that airports and airlines work together to find the right solutions.

The publication is clear that immigration at airports is a vital part of our welcome and we must ensure that the use of electronic entry continues once we leave the EU. The BBPA also welcomed the Budget consultation on APD and VAT on tourism as both are vital to our competitiveness in a world market.

Brigid Simmonds OBE, Chief Executive of the British Beer and Pub Association, commented:

“The BBPA will be working closely with the Department of Transport and other Government departments to ensure pubs are supported by the UK’s upcoming Aviation Strategy. As the UK leaves the EU and looks to trade with the rest of the world, a bold Aviation Strategy will help UK brewers sell their world-class beer across the world and keep the UK an attractive place to visit.”

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