Brewing / Pubs / Supply Chain / 20 June 2018

CO2 Supply Shortage - Guidance

The BBPA has been made aware of a shortage in the supply of CO2, which may already have impacted beer producers nationally and which now threatens to impact pubs.


The situation is different from that which the industry experienced in 2015 in that this more recent shortage affects mainland Europe in addition to the UK. Supply issues here in the UK are being further complicated by a combination of planned plant shutdowns and unexpected equipment failure, in particular in connection with one of the two major national producers of bulk CO2.


Whilst some members may still be receiving supplies of CO2, this shortage will undoubtedly impact on those many smaller suppliers who distribute locally but who will be supplied in turn by the National producers.


To ensure that we can inform our members of the latest developments, the BBPA has contacted the two companies involved. We have also been in contact with the British Soft Drinks Association as well as DEFRA and BEIS.


Whilst we will continue to contact those involved and to reiterate the impact of such a shortage on the brewing industry, the situation at present is very much in the hands of the producers themselves. We understand that the shortage may last for at least the next few weeks and that one supplier has already been in contact with their customers to notify them of force majeure.


The BBPA recommends that in the first instance members contact their supplier if they have any specific concerns. We would also urge those BBPA members seeking to contact their retail customers/partners to reiterate the importance of using beverage dispense gas supplied only by reputable providers and which is of the appropriate food grade. Advice on the safe use of beverage gases can be found here.


Members who have any questions or would like to share any relevant information should contact Steve Livens at the BBPA (

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