Uncategorised / 26 May 2022

BBPA responds to Chancellor's cost of living announcement

Responding to the announcement from the Government on the economy and the cost-of-living crisis Chief Executive of the British Beer & Pub Association Emma McClarkin said: 

It is right that the Government helps those who are struggling, however, this is an acutely painful time for business as well – we need the government to act now and take measures to immediately bring down costs and alleviate the pressures on our pubs and brewers. The fortunes of our sector hang in the balance. Just as we emerge from the pandemic, we have immediately been hit by rising energy prices, food and supply chain inflation due to the war in Ukraine and a cost-of-living crisis that is severely impacting our ability to do business.

“This is why we’re calling for an energy price cap for small businesses to ensure fair energy deals for businesses across hospitality and beyond, as well reducing the disproportionate tax burden on the sector from Business rates to VAT to allow pubs and brewers to get back on their feet instead of placing more barriers in the way of their recovery.” 


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