Pubs / 21 July 2022

Publicans and MPs celebrate long-term pub partnerships

Publicans and MPs from across the country have gathered in Parliament to celebrate the partnership pub model, which operates in almost a third of UK pubs

Ahead of summer recess, MPs gathered in Parliament (on 20 July) to meet with publicans and pub companies to showcase and celebrate the partnered pub model.

With around 30% of all UK pubs operating under the partnership pub model, the event, hosted by the British Beer and Pub Association and its members, shone a light on how pub companies work with publicans to run successful businesses in every corner of the country.

Through the partnership model pub companies invest millions of pounds into their pub estates each year. Such funds ensure partnered pubs benefit from external redecorations, new kitchens, improved gardens and toilet facilities when needed. During the pandemic a further £360million was provided in waived rent and other financial support for tenants.

Attended by MPs from all different parties, the event also reflected on how publicans were supported through the pandemic and how they work with their pub companies to run thriving businesses in their communities in the long-term. A recent survey by the Pubs Code Adjudicator showed that almost 50% of partnered publicans have run their business for 10 years or more with their pub company.

Opening the event, Mike Wood MP, representative for Dudley South and Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group said:

“After two years of challenges pubs are still bouncing back, but what we’ve seen through the pandemic is just how valuable the relationships are between pubs, pubs companies and the communities they work in.

“The model allows people with entrepreneurial spirit to run successful businesses in the places they call home. It is absolutely vital we continue to drive awareness and understanding of how this model works and the benefits it has for pubs across the country.”

The event welcomed people from all different walks of life who are running pubs in partnership with a pub company, from first time publicans to those with decades of pub experience.

It was held just days after new survey data showed that 80% of publicans of partnered pubs praise the advice they receive from their pub company.

Dianne Irving who runs The Crown Inn in Carlisle said:

“It had always been a dream of mine to run a pub, but after a career in education doing it all by myself seemed a bit overwhelming.

“Partnering with a pub company has been brilliant and is a real partnership. They offer me support when I need it, but I have my own vision for my pub and what’s brilliant is they can help me make it a reality through advice and investment.”

Dianne Irving with John Stevenson MP for Carlisle

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