Uncategorised / 09 January 2023

Breweries and pubs are #OpenToAll - BBPA response to opinion piece

At the end of last week, Propel, a media outlet reporting on the hospitality and retail industries, published an opinion piece containing transphobic rhetoric.

As an organisation representing thousands of businesses in communities across the UK we would like to publicly condemn the content of the piece and the huge misjudgement by Propel to publish it, a decision they deeply regretted and are now taking actions to make it right.

The piece was objectionable and does not reflect the views of our industry, organisations, or our members. We hope the Propel team will learn from their mistake and commit to the journey to understand how important diversity and inclusivity is and champion those on this journey.

Our members are proud to create spaces for people from all walks of life to come together and connect with one another. Places that are welcoming, open to all and strive to be inclusive for everyone regardless of their background.

Being inclusive and promoting diversity throughout the hospitality industry is not an option but a core pillar of our work as trade associations. Businesses are stronger for it and can provide better experiences for customers and employees alike by putting this agenda front and centre in their operations and values.

Through the commitments in the #OpenToAll Charter and in collaboration with our members and other industry leaders, we will continue to prioritise diversity and inclusion, learn from lived experiences of staff and customers, call out discrimination and champion the real and genuine benefits of workplaces and venues that are diverse, inclusive, and open to all.


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