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There are a wide range of opportunities for those interested in starting a career in the beer and pub sector, with apprenticeships from brewing and hospitality, to catering and even engineering, all available for those who may not necessarily want to go to university but want to kick start their career in an exciting employment route. If you already work in our sector, then an apprenticeship offers you a great opportunity to improve your skills and progress in your job.

Almost 900,000 people are employed in the beer and pub sector, with just almost half of those being aged 25 and under. Apprenticeships play a crucial role for employers to recruit and retain great employees. There are currently 14 different apprenticeships standards in the hospitality and catering sector, at a range of levels. There is also an exciting, newly established, brewing apprenticeship.

Read below for further information on all of the apprenticeships, and to find out more information you can find a number of links in the sidebar.

Hospitality Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are an excellent way of progressing in the hospitality sector. The variety of roles available can help you to find your perfect job and develop the skills necessary to work in the industry. Working in hospitality gives you an opportunity to work in a diverse workforce with plenty of opportunity for progression, in an exciting job where no two days are the same. Starting as an apprentice gives you the opportunity to combine employment and training, giving you the chance to earn money whilst you learn key skills necessary for your future career. Apprenticeships are available at a number of levels in the sector. Depending on experience, you will have the opportunity to gain core hospitality knowledge, skills and behaviour. On top of learning the core principles, as an apprentice you will be able to learn specialist functions, from understanding the complex requirements of serving beer and cask ale, to learning skills in mixology or wine service.

Catering Apprenticeships

There are a number of catering apprenticeships available which can help you progress in your career as a chef, opening up a range of opportunities such as becoming a pub chef. From a level 2 'Commis Chef' apprenticeship, to Level 3 'Chef de Partie', chef's just starting their career, or those wanting to progress further, can find a great opportunity to learn basic and advanced cooking skills, as well as how to work in a team in a time-bounding and challenging environment. There are 4 catering apprenticeships available in total, all approved by the Institute of Apprenticeships. Links to these apprenticeships can be found in the sidebar.

Brewer Apprenticeship

Working as an apprentice in a brewery will help you to develop the niche skills required to produce beer at all stages of production. Working as a brewer requires a variety of skills in a diverse and unique role. Brewer apprentices will learn not only how to brew beer, but how to understand regulatory requirements, design and development of new brands or the design and operation of equipment. The brewer trailblazer is approved by the Institute for Apprenticeships and delivered at Level 4.

Brewer Apprenticeship - Next steps

In the sidebar you will find a number of links where you can find out more on how to become a brewer apprentice. For more information on the Trailblazer, access requirements or to register interest in delivering the Trailblazer please contact Steve Livens at the BBPA. If you would like to register your interest as a learner and are not currently employed within the industry please fill out the contact form found on this page with some information about yourself. We will then get in contact with you.

  • £285 million invested by pub operators ahead of reopening, as sector fights to recover

    09 April 2021

    BBPA reveals huge investment sector has made in leased and tenanted pubs ahead of outdoor reopening from April 12th The British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA), the leading trade association representing brewers and pubs, has today revealed that pub operating businesses have invested more than £285 million in supporting their leased and tenanted publicans as they prepare to reopen once more from April 12th. The investment came in the form of rent and other costs waived or reduced during the COVID-19 pandemic and is in on top of significant financial support to help ensure pubs are Covid-secure and can start to re-open outdoors on Monday. The investment used to help makes sure pubs are Covid-secure and can reopen outdoors on Monday includes marquees and tepees in pub gardens that meet Government guidelines, along with outdoor heaters and outdoor beer pumps and fridges. These will ensure outdoor space is safe, comfortable and hospitality for customers, as well as efficient in terms of service. The BBPA has said the £285 million invested by pub operating businesses in their pubs across the UK showed the commitment to securing the future of their partners’ pubs and the sector as a whole. With the right support from Government and the ability to trade fully from 21st June, tenanted and leased pubs have a strong future, they can be a key engine for growth whilst remaining at the heart of their communities for years to come, the BBPA said. It also said the investment showed the benefits of the leased and tenanted model of pubs, which is a partnership model that allows entrepreneurs and pub-loving individuals the chance to successfully run their own pub business. It said the support given to leased and tenanted publicans during the crisis was unprecedented and had enabled thousands of pubs across the country to survive the crisis, which without the support could have been lost forever. The trade association says the Government must now recognise the investment the pub industry has made in its pubs, ahead of their reopening from April 12th, by continuing to support the long term recovery of UK pubs and address the disproportionate tax burden faced, through permanently lower VAT rates extended to all food and drink, a cut in beer duty and Business Rates reform.   Emma McClarkin, Chief Executive of the British Beer & Pub Association, said: “Our sector is enormously proud of the investment we have made in our pubs and publicans. £285 million invested in our leased and tenanted pubs shows we are ready to get back open for business. It also shows we have supported our publicans through every step of this crisis. “It has also freed up our publicans to invest in their pubs as they look to start reopening outdoors from April 12th. “It is evidence of the strength of the leased and tenanted pub model. A model which has survived the ups and downs of hundreds of years and is now working to help the sector survive through the COVID-19 crisis. “We truly believe our pubs have a great future ahead of them, which is why at every level the sector is investing in them. Crucial to pubs’ recovery though is ensuring the Government matches this investment by the industry with its own financial support. That means long term cuts to beer duty, VAT and business rates.”   More info Leased and tenanted pubs are where pub owners invest in entrepreneurs who then run the pub as their own business, with low start-up costs, and by paying the pub owner lower fixed rent in exchange for the supply of beer/other drinks. The model ensures that risk and reward is shared by both the Landlord that owns the pub property and the Tenant pub landlord who runs the pub, which has resulted in thousands of pubs having the best chance possible to bounce back strongly after the Covid Pandemic. The leased and tenanted pub model is a partnership between pub owners and entrepreneurs, creating and running profitable and sustainable pub businesses that thrive within their local communities.

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  • Confirmation of outdoor reopening of pubs welcome, Government must continue to stick to roadmap

    05 April 2021

    BBPA responds to confirmation that pubs will be able to reopen outdoors only from April 12th The British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA), the leading trade association representing brewers and pubs, has today welcomed confirmation by the Government that pubs will be allowed to reopen outdoors only from April 12th, as indicated as the earliest date they could do so in the Governments roadmap. The BBPA said that whilst the news was exciting for publicans and pub goers a like, it was important to remember that just 40% of pubs in England – 15,000 – would be opening for outdoors service from the 12th, making it all the more important that the Government sticks to its roadmap dates to ensure pubs can reopen indoors from May 17th and without any restrictions from June 21st so they can all reopen and begin their recovery.  Indeed those opening on 12th April will almost certainly be making a loss but are desperate to welcome back their customers and serve their local communities. The trade association, alongside other industry bodies, has stated its concerns and frustration over the Governments handling of the reopening of pubs. In particular, they are concerned over suggestions of vaccine passports for entry to premises, as well as changes to guidelines on how pubs operate including not being able to pay at the bar, which they feel is grossly unfair as cafés and non-essential retail are not under the same restrictions. Emma McClarkin, Chief Executive of the British Beer & Pub Association, said: “We welcome the great news that our pubs can reopen once more for outdoor service from April 12th. “That first pint back in the beer garden is going to be a special moment. People across the country have been looking forward to it for months. “We expect 40% of pubs, some 15,000 in England, to reopen from April 12th. Those that do open have invested a lot in ensuring customers are both comfortable and safe, making the most of the pub beer garden. But we should remember that those opening will be loss making with the ability to trade beyond break even coming with the removal of all restrictions. “With so many pubs still not opening though, it’s crucial the Government sticks to its roadmap and allows pubs to reopen indoors from May 17th and without any restrictions at all from June 21st. That is the only way our pubs can trade viably and begin to fully recover. “We continue to have deep concerns over the Governments proposals around vaccine passports and changes to guidelines on how pubs will operate once they reopen. Not allowing customers to pay at the bar for food or drink in pubs, but allowing it in cafés or shops is completely unfair and illogical.”

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