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There are a wide range of opportunities for those interested in starting a career in the beer and pub sector, with apprenticeships from brewing and hospitality, to catering and even engineering, all available for those who may not necessarily want to go to university but want to kick start their career in an exciting employment route. If you already work in our sector, then an apprenticeship offers you a great opportunity to improve your skills and progress in your job.

Almost 900,000 people are employed in the beer and pub sector, with just almost half of those being aged 25 and under. Apprenticeships play a crucial role for employers to recruit and retain great employees. There are currently 14 different apprenticeships standards in the hospitality and catering sector, at a range of levels. There is also an exciting, newly established, brewing apprenticeship.

Read below for further information on all of the apprenticeships, and to find out more information you can find a number of links in the sidebar.

Hospitality Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are an excellent way of progressing in the hospitality sector. The variety of roles available can help you to find your perfect job and develop the skills necessary to work in the industry. Working in hospitality gives you an opportunity to work in a diverse workforce with plenty of opportunity for progression, in an exciting job where no two days are the same. Starting as an apprentice gives you the opportunity to combine employment and training, giving you the chance to earn money whilst you learn key skills necessary for your future career. Apprenticeships are available at a number of levels in the sector. Depending on experience, you will have the opportunity to gain core hospitality knowledge, skills and behaviour. On top of learning the core principles, as an apprentice you will be able to learn specialist functions, from understanding the complex requirements of serving beer and cask ale, to learning skills in mixology or wine service.

Catering Apprenticeships

There are a number of catering apprenticeships available which can help you progress in your career as a chef, opening up a range of opportunities such as becoming a pub chef. From a level 2 'Commis Chef' apprenticeship, to Level 3 'Chef de Partie', chef's just starting their career, or those wanting to progress further, can find a great opportunity to learn basic and advanced cooking skills, as well as how to work in a team in a time-bounding and challenging environment. There are 4 catering apprenticeships available in total, all approved by the Institute of Apprenticeships. Links to these apprenticeships can be found in the sidebar.

Brewer Apprenticeship

Working as an apprentice in a brewery will help you to develop the niche skills required to produce beer at all stages of production. Working as a brewer requires a variety of skills in a diverse and unique role. Brewer apprentices will learn not only how to brew beer, but how to understand regulatory requirements, design and development of new brands or the design and operation of equipment. The brewer trailblazer is approved by the Institute for Apprenticeships and delivered at Level 4.

Brewer Apprenticeship - Next steps

In the sidebar you will find a number of links where you can find out more on how to become a brewer apprentice. For more information on the Trailblazer, access requirements or to register interest in delivering the Trailblazer please contact Steve Livens at the BBPA. If you would like to register your interest as a learner and are not currently employed within the industry please fill out the contact form found on this page with some information about yourself. We will then get in contact with you.

  • 20,000 hospitality venues to miss out on lockdown grants, putting over 1 million jobs at risk unless Government takes advantage of State Aid reforms

    30 October 2020

    Trade associations write to Chancellor Rishi Sunak urging him to apply changes to State Aid   The British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA), British Institute of Innkeeping (BII) and UKHospitality (UKH) have written to Chancellor Rishi Sunak urging him to loosen State Aid restrictions, so that vital cash grants he promised to UK pubs and hospitality businesses in tier two and tier three lockdown areas can reach them. According to the trade associations, if the Chancellor doesn’t apply the changes to State Aid restrictions, 20,000 hospitality venues and pubs across the UK will not receive the support he has allocated to them – putting the one million plus people they employ’s livelihoods at risk. Until recently, State Aid rules directed by the EU meant that businesses could only receive up to €800,000 (£720,000) of cash support from the Government, which many businesses had already reached. However, since 13th October, the rules have changed enabling severely impacted businesses such as those in hospitality up to €3,000,000 (£2,700,000) in State Aid. Multiple operators of pubs and hospitality venues are therefore missing out on this vital support. In simple terms, an individual pub or restaurant could have claimed a £25k grant in May 2020, but a multiple pub or restaurant owning business would have been capped at claiming for a maximum of 28 sites. These businesses are therefore unable to access further grant support that is so desperately needed. Businesses hit by this rule, the trade associations say, employ around half of the hospitality workforce – over one million people. This makes getting cash grants to them particularly pertinent in order to protect the majority of hospitality jobs over the winter so they are there for the Spring once restrictions are lifted and the economy opens up again. Despite this, the Government hasn’t confirmed if it will allow businesses to access extra funds that would provide the help they desperately need, despite the trade associations asking Government for clarity on numerous occasion. According to the trade associations, if the Government doesn’t do this, pubs alone will miss out on grant support in the region of £50 million. The trade associations are now calling on the UK Government to apply the change to State Aid immediately and in the most flexible way possible, allowing pub and hospitality businesses to receive the grant funding they are eligible for and desperately need. In a joint statement they said: “Unfortunately, without applying changes to State Aid restrictions, some 20,000 hospitality venues and pubs will not receive the grants the Chancellor has rightly promised them. “Without the grants, many pubs and hospitality businesses will be lost forever and half of the hospitality workforce – over one million livelihoods – will be at risk. “The Government is hiding behind these EU rules which it has the ability to change. This cannot be the Chancellor’s intention, so he must now take advantage of the changes to State Aid rules to immediately unlock the grants our sector desperately needs. “If action is not taken by the Government or the Chancellor, thousands of businesses and over one million jobs will be at risk throughout the winter and might not survive to the spring and the economic recovery.”

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  • Worrying times ahead for pubs, brewers and suppliers in Nottinghamshire facing tier three restrictions and 9pm cut-off on off-license alcohol sales  

    29 October 2020

    BBPA responds to tier three measures set to be placed on Nottinghamshire and calls for support to be available to all pubs, brewers and suppliers to protect 13,500 jobs  The British Beer & Pub Association, the leading trade association representing brewers and pubs, has today responded to the news that tier three lockdown measures will be placed on Nottinghamshire, severely impacting 823 pubs and putting at risk 13,500 sector jobs worth £268 million to the local economy. As part of the tier three restrictions in the county, off-license sales of alcohol will also be banned after 9pm. Emma McClarkin, Chief Executive of the British Beer & Pub Association, said:  “This is a very worrying time for pubs, brewers and their wider supply chain in Nottinghamshire. “548 pubs who don’t serve substantial meals will be forced to close. 275 food led pubs will be able to remain open if they choose, but their trade will be decimated. “13,500 livelihoods are dependent on pubs in Nottinghamshire. Government financial support now needs to be delivered to them as quickly as possible to help their cash flow and cover their immediate costs. “The 9pm curfew on off-license alcohol sales is also greatly concerning. It will severely impact brewers whose ability to sell through retail outlets is vital to their survival whilst so many pubs are closed. “It is hugely worrying to see this additional alcohol curfew put into place with absolutely no evidence to show how it will fight the spread of the virus. SAGE itself has already called into question the effectiveness of the 10pm curfew on hospitality and this 9pm cut-off for off-license alcohol sales in Nottinghamshire is yet another example of layer upon layer of restriction with no proper evidence for its effectiveness in the first place. “Grants must also be made available to the brewers supplying pubs and off-licenses, who will lose a big proportion of their business overnight from this. “We urge the Government to review these restrictions as soon as possible. “Pubs are the heart of their communities and are safe and regulated environments to both eat and drink in. Beer is quintessentially British and a low alcohol option. Government investment in them now will preserve them for generations to come.”

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