Everyone has a right to feel safe on a night out, and the pub sector prioritises their safety and welfare. Whilst such incidents are extremely rare, when drink spiking (or other vulnerability issues) occur, we take every case extremely seriously. Pubs work hard to create a welcoming, inclusive and safe environment so that all their customers can enjoy a fun night out.

Many pubs already have door staff, staff training to identify problems before they occur and training on how to offer support. Many venues also have CCTV, and other safeguarding measures in place. Our industry takes the safety of our customers extremely seriously and has been enhancing this in recent months. Vulnerability and wider customer safety (including reports of drink spiking) has always been a focus of the sector.

This factsheet, jointly developed by the BBPA with UKHospitality, the BII and Hospitality Ulster, is intended to bring together in one place the resources developed and made available by a wide range of organisations, to bolster the work already ongoing and ensure our pubs remain the safest places to enjoy a night out.