On 16 January 2008 the Food Standards Agency published guidance on the provision of allergen information for foods sold non prepacked. The guidance is aimed at both caterers and retailers selling foods loose and gives practical advice on how to manage allergy issues and best practice in dealing with allergy requests.

The guidance package has three elements:

1) The main guidance document provides full information on providing accurate information on the allergen content of the foods you sell. This includes practical advice on how to tackle allergy issues and worked scenarios that put the information in context – this is aimed particularly at medium and large businesses and at enforcement bodies.

2) The leaflet highlights the key principles that businesses need to think about – this is aimed at small and micro businesses.

3) The poster is a useful training aid to introduce the main allergens of concern - this may be of particular use in training staff that do not have English as their first language.

Attached is the FSA guidance. The leaflet and poster are also available to download on the BBPA website.

Hard copies are available from Food Standards Agency

0845 6060 667