The Mandatory Code for Alcohol Retailers in England and Wales is now in place. Dates of implementation are below:

  • From 6th April 2010, there is a ban on irresponsible promotions, “dentist’s chairs” /dispense of alcohol directly into the mouth and free tap water is to be provided to customers upon request.
  • From 1st October 2010 premises should have an age verification policy in place that will require staff to ask for ID from those who appear under 18 or any other age specified in the policy. Premises must also make available smaller specified measures of alcohol, ie. 25ml or 35ml spirits and 125ml wine, half a pint of beer (no doubles only policy for spirits, for example).

To assist in understanding the code the Home Office has produced Guidance, and a further publication highlighting a number of industry social responsibility initiatives and guidance including BBPA guidance.

Attached is the Home Office guidance for selling alcohol responsibly.