Guardians of Grub

It takes an enormous amount of time, resources and energy to produce our food. And then our industry wastes a million tonnes of it every year. When this waste goes to landfill it produces greenhouse gases, which in turn causes global temperatures to rise. The ‘Guardians of Grub’ campaign from WRAP encourages the Hospitality and Food Service industry to come together to rise up against food waste. We are the carers, protectors and defenders. We’re everyone, from the sous chef to the CEO. The head to tail champion to the freezer hero. We are the Guardians of Grub. We love food and hate waste.

The new campaign brings together the industry to face the growing threat that’s harming our planet and our industry’s profits. We are a united collective from across the Hospitality and Food Service sector, with the sole purpose of stopping the alarming amount of food wasted every year. And to make sure food stays food.

Thank you for supporting the fight against food waste. As a Guardian of Grub, your efforts are crucial in helping us win. We need you to defend and protect food at all costs and cutback on food wasted in your business.

We’ve created an arsenal of tools to help make it as easy as possible for you to spread the word.

  • Long and short copy
  • Guardians of Grub badge
  • Social images and copy
  • Digital banners
  • Email signature
  • Printable posters
  • Film content
  • Staff briefing script
  • FAQs

The resources will help you spread the word that you are a Guardian of Grub and encourage others in
your organisation to join up to protect food. Make sure you share the resources on your internal and external channels.

Guardians of Grub has developed a number of operational resources to help you track, reduce and learn about food waste. These include:

Quickstart guide This quickstart guide includes simple steps and resources that will help you reduce the amount of food thrown away by engaging staff and customers.

6 ways to save food poster – a great addition to a food business’s noticeboard, the poster can be a reminder to staff of the importance the business places on food throw away, and shows them how they can help

7 day tracking sheet – helps food businesses to easily monitor and measure food thrown away over a 7 day period

Food tracking calculator – automatically calculates what food is thrown away is costing you and shows what savings your business could make

Tracking calculator guide – will get you up and running with using the food tracking calculator

Summary checklist – a handy way to tick off your progress on the necessary actions to prevent food from being thrown away

Food waste FAQs – any questions? check out the FAQs document or ask directly by emailing

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