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The BBPA Licensee Forum provides a free opportunity for pub licensees to engage with the BBPA, and sector guidance is available free of charge. It is crucial that we are able to understand the issues that matter most to you so that we can best represent the sector. At the same time, we are uniquely placed, as the leading body representing the UK pub and brewing sector, to offer expert advice and guidance on the wide-ranging issues that licensees may face.

Pubs are highly regulated, and operators require knowledge that covers a vast range of issues and procedures. Here, you can find an extensive list of free industry guidance and related resources, frequently updated by the BBPA.

Contact for more information or to enquire about becoming a member of the forum. See below for the range of benefits this will include, free of charge to you as a licensee.

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BBPA Licensee Forum

For further benefits, sign up as a member of the BBPA Licensee Forum. In addition to the guidance provided here, you will receive:

A regular newsletter

This includes important updates on changes within the sector, further guidance on running your pub and a range of free resources, including the latest trends and statistics in the pub and beer world.

Opportunity to have your say at the highest levels

The BBPA will regularly request licensee input to inform consultation responses to Government or discussions with senior MPs and Civil Servants. We want to hear what matters to you.

Opportunities to win £500

Through responding to BBPA requests for input, you will automatically enter into a prize draw to win £500.