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This section offers guidance to licensees on how to manage their pub staff, including advice on pensions, national minimum wage, working times, accommodation guidance, as well as general guidance for licensees on running a pub.

  • Sector Deal for Tourism will be a great boost for pubs, brewers and hospitality, says BBPA

    28 June 2019

    The British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) has today welcomed the Government’s announcement of a Sector Deal for Tourism, stating that it will greatly boost pubs, brewers and hospitality. Pubs are third on the list of things to do for overseas visitors to the UK and over half visit a pub whilst they are here.[1]Ensuring Britain’s tourism offer remains competitive through a sector deal is therefore good news for pubs, the hospitality sector and those brewers located in tourist hotspots. It shows that tourism, as the third largest service sector, ranks alongside manufacturing and technology as being vital to the future of the UK, says the BBPA. As the UK prepares to leave the European Union, it is imperative that UK nationals see working in a pub, brewery and the wider hospitality sector as an appealing career option. Recruitment and retention are vital when, as it stands, BBPA data suggests that 24% of pub employees come from overseas, rising to over 80% in metropolitan areas. The BBPA believes the Sector Deal for Tourism will boost recruitment by promoting important tourism careers like those in pubs and hospitality through enhanced apprenticeship schemes and additional funding for staff training.   Other key parts of the sector deal will be Tourism Zones, events to attract businesses to the UK, infrastructure support (including broadband), accessibility investment and shared tourism data. All of these are welcomed by the BBPA, whose members continue to invest in their pubs, pub bedrooms and hotels, which are essential to the tourism industry.  Brigid Simmonds, Chief Executive of the British Beer & Pub Association, comments: “Brewing and pubs are vital attractions for our tourism industry, which is why the BBPA has been at the heart of the development of the Sector Deal for Tourism. Working with VisitBritain, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and the Department for Business, Enterprise, Innovation and Skills, we have created a partnership with support from across Government that will boost our sector. “The BBPA will be leading on the skills aspect of the sector deal, pledging £100,000 towards a recruitment and retention campaign. This will help attract and retain talent in our industry and provide them with a clear and exciting career pathway. “London alone is aiming for 30% growth in visitors by 2025, so the Sector Deal for Tourism is both timely and welcome.[2] We hope it will be the beginning of greater support and understanding across Government of tourism and the place of hospitality in it, creating an industry which is world class.” [1] Visit England data [2] ‘A Tourism Vision for London’ report data

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  • BBPA welcomes proposed review of £30,000 minimum salary threshold for migrant workers

    25 June 2019

    The BBPA has today welcomed reports that Sajid Javid MP, the Home Secretary, has asked the Migration Advisory Committee to review the £30,000 minimum salary threshold for skilled migrant workers. The BBPA argues that dropping the threshold would be a boost to Britain’s pubs as they will be able to recruit skilled overseas workers, such as chefs, under the £30,000 minimum salary threshold. Pubs are already facing a skills shortage and a survey of our members across the UK showed the importance of overseas workers to pubs; 17% of their workforce are from overseas, but this rises to 40% in metropolitan areas and in some specialist areas such as kitchen staff, up to 80%. Brigid Simmonds, Chief Executive of the British Beer & Pub Association, comments: “As we move into a post-Brexit migration system, it is vital that the system works for Britain’s pubs. I am pleased Sajid Javid has listened to our calls for this £30,000 threshold to be reviewed, when we have such high shortages of pub chefs. The sector stands ready and waiting to play our part in attracting more UK nationals to work in our industry and we hope that a Tourism Sector Industrial Strategy will help us face that challenge.”

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