The BBPA and member companies are committed to promoting a responsible drinking culture in the UK. Through a number of initiatives, such as Challenge 21, alcohol unit awareness campaigns, and working with partnerships including Pubwatch and Best Bar None, the industry has gone to great lengths to promote responsibility. All licensed premises can play a part to promote responsibility in our sector. Guidance for licensees on running responsible premises can be found below, including guidance on noise control, gambling, selling alcohol responsibly and drug use in pubs.

  • Joint statement from the British Beer & Pub Association, UKHospitality, the London Night Czar and the National Police Chiefs’ Council on pubs reopening on 4th July

    02 July 2020

    “We are conscious the last few months in lockdown have involved a huge amount of sacrifice from everyone, so it is fantastic that our pubs can finally reopen after all this time. We know that people are keen to begin to get life back to normal and understand the important role the pub can play in that. We are looking forward to welcoming people back into pubs in villages, towns and cities across the country this weekend, but we also want to impress upon people the importance of behaving responsibly. We ask pub goers to be supportive of landlords and pub staff, helping them to reopen in the best way possible. It's important everyone respects the new measures in place to ensure everyone can enjoy the return of our pubs safely. If we all work together we can ensure that the reopening of pubs and hospitality is a success and an enjoyable experience for everyone.”

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  • BBPA leads plan to lift pubs out of lockdown when COVID-19 crisis is over

    17 April 2020

    Trade association says an absolute minimum of three weeks is needed, but ideally four, for pubs to get ready for re-opening when lockdown is lifted The British Beer & Pub Association is leading the planning process by which the sector can get started again once the immediate COVID-19 crisis has passed. The trade association has said that pubs will need a minimum of three weeks, but ideally four weeks, notice for the lifting of the lockdown restrictions to allow them sufficient time prepare to re-open. Brewers will also need this time to scale-up brewing operations to start re-supplying pubs and the on-trade with fresh beer. This time frame would enable pubs to give sufficient notice to furloughed staff that they are required to return to work. It would also ensure equipment and systems are operating and cleaned to necessary standards, as well as enabling the clearance of pub cellars and the replacement of beer. This would in turn require some relaxation of social distancing measures ahead of a full re-opening in order that clearance crews can operate effectively. Beer and pubs can play a vital role in boosting morale in the UK, but the Government need to work with the sector to support the necessary preparations to ensure that a restart can take place as smoothly, safely and sustainably as possible. Such measures will help ensure that pubs survive the early months of re-opening, the trade association has said. The early weeks and months after lockdown restrictions are lifted will be critical for tens of thousands of pubs, and their supply chains, including access to working capital, particularly for SMEs. The economic value that Britain’s beer and pub sector provides, and the hundreds of thousands of jobs it support, will remain in a precarious position if the lifting of lockdown for pubs isn’t done right, which is why the BBPA has already begun outlining its plans. Emma McClarkin, Chief Executive of the British Beer & Pub Association, said: “It is extremely important that the beer and pub industry are closely consulted on the lifting of the lockdown restrictions when the COVID-19 crisis is over. The reopening process for the pub trade will be enormously hard and it’s imperative the Government work with the trade to get it right, else the situation would see even more pubs close. “We want to work collaboratively with Government to ensure that society and the economy gets back on its feet in a safe and sustainable way once the medical and scientific advice indicates that a reopening is appropriate and with appropriate support in place. We believe the pub has a key role to play in this, but re-opening them must be done in the right way, which is why we are leading on these plans to get pubs ready for when the lockdown is lifted.”

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