Deposit Return Scheme Working Group

This panel focuses on developing the BBPA and sector-specific position on deposit return schemes. The group was established in response to proposals for a Deposit Return Scheme for drink containers in the UK to tackle littering and increase recycling rates. The group reports back to Future Pubs Group and Future Beer Group. To enquire about joining the panel, contact Lydia Hall.

Timeline of key events:


25 September 

Scottish consultation closes


The UK Government has launched its Resources and Waste Strategy.


UK Government will be launching a consultation on the implementation of a DRS with all materials in scope, early 2019

If a DRS is introduced by the UK Government, they will be looking to legislate in late 2019/early 2020.

If a DRS is enacted in Scotland, it could be rolled out as early as 2020.


A DRS in the UK would be operational by 2023.

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