The Big Campaign

‘The Big Campaign’ is an industry-wide, united campaign which is part of a Tourism Industry bid for a Sector Deal and Industrial Strategy.  This strand covers skills and aims to raise awareness and improve perceptions of the hospitality, leisure and tourism sector as an excellent career choice. It will work to promote the hospitality industry to the UK population and increase the number of people working in the industry.

The British Beer and Pub Association is leading this campaign, along with other organisations across the hospitality industry. These include Springboard UK, People 1st, VisitBritain, the Tourism Alliance, the Scottish Tourism Alliance and UKHospitality.

Why the ‘Big Campaign’?

‘The Big Campaign’ is a unified voice for the hospitality industry. It brings together industry leaders to promote the work which companies do to recruit UK staff to its business. It will centralise the exceptional work already undertaken by organisations, to operate as one united voice to promote, recruit and retain staff.

As an industry, hospitality and work in pubs is an excellent career pathway for people at all ages, from school leavers, to career changers later in life. However, perceptions and awareness amongst jobseekers are often negative. This campaign will highlight the benefits of a career in hospitality, and demonstrate that it is a viable career pathway.

What does ‘The Big Campaign’ aim to do?

The campaign will work to be more than just a promotional campaign. It will begin with a substantial data-gathering exercise, which will initially gather statistical evidence and insight into the current awareness and perceptions of the industry, quantify the impact of the current immigration policy, and gain an understanding into sector-specific data, including pubs. This data gathering will occur annually to ensure the success of the campaign is measured.

This will lead to a content-driven online campaign, which will offer a careers advice website, with sector-specific guidance, featuring employers, opportunities and training programmes. It will be promoted through social and digital media campaigning as well as through national and local coverage.

The campaign will result in engagement from those leaving education, jobseekers and career changers. Springboard UK’s current infrastructure and network of industry ambassadors and mentors will be built on, as well as the variety of recruitment programmes it currently provides.

The result will be an increase in talent acquisition for employers in all parts of hospitality, leisure and travel. With continued leadership across the industry, ongoing support for people development and career progression for those who require it, the result will be higher levels of retention.

Target audiences

The campaign aims to target not only potential recruits, but influencers too. Influencers include parents, school teachers, academic institutions or careers advisers, as well as media outlets, TV, trade bodies and government. Potential recruits include school pupils, college or university students, career changes, unemployed adults and returners to work.

The Tourism Industry is waiting for Government to consider an Industrial Strategy for Tourism.  BBPA have provided funding for this skills package, but wait to see what corresponding support might come from Government.  This page will be updated with our progress as we continue to work closely with other industry leaders.

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