Working in a pub

There is much more to working in a pub than simply pulling pints. The pub sector is filled with talented individuals who are creative and hard working, with a passion for working in the trade. There are a lot more jobs in the industry than you might think. Ranging from bar staff, to pub chefs, managers and waiters, the range of roles available is vast, and with almost 600,000 people working in UK pubs, there are plenty of opportunities for everyone interested in working in a pub.

Working in a pub has a number of benefits. As a career, it is an exciting and fast-paced environment to work in, where no two days are the same. You can get to know your customers and the local community, making it a social yet rewarding job. There is excellent potential for career progression in the industry, and starting as a member of bar staff can quickly lead to a managerial position at a young age.

There is also money to be made in the industry. As a team member behind the bar, you could earn up to almost £20,000, a supervisor could reach £23,000 and a manager could earn almost £27,000. Additionally, a pub chef could be paid almost £23,000 and a head chef up to £32,500 (Morning Advertiser).

The skills which you will gain from working in a pub are invaluable. Whilst you will learn how to change kegs and casks, how to pull pints and customer service skills, you will also achieve skills in finance as well as marketing skills relevant to pub operations. You will also gain exceptional knowledge of the drinks industry, and become an expert on beer, as well as other drinks such as wine and spirits.

Gaining knowledge in marketing and advertising is a key part of working in a pub. You will learn how to sell your products and how to attract new customers and boost profits, whilst ensuring you continue to appeal to your loyal customers.

You will also gain knowledge and insight into how to meet customer demand, whether it is making your pub menu healthier or running an eco pub which is more environmentally friendly.

Working in a pub doesn’t stop there. With experience, you could potentially work your way into running your own pub, either as a tenant in a leased and tenanted pub, leading to becoming a multi-site pub operator, or running your own pub as an independent licensee.

The BBPA works alongside a number of organisations who can help you to find your perfect role working in a pub, including Springboard UK as well as People 1st.

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