Pubs / 02 July 2020

Welsh Government announces reopening date for pub beer gardens

British Beer & Pub Association calls on Welsh Government to give clear date for when ALL pubs can reopen in Wales

The British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA), the leading trade association representing Britain’s brewers and pubs, has today urged the Welsh Government to confirm when all pubs – rather than just those with outdoor space – will be able to reopen in Wales as a matter of urgency.

The call comes as the Welsh Government today announced that pub beer gardens will be able to reopen from 13th July with two metre social distancing in place, as long as the COVID-19 virus continues to abate. It is not yet clear when pubs will be able to fully reopen in Wales, the Welsh Government would only confirm that this would be looked at “later”.

Wales is the only part of the UK without a restart date for indoor hospitality. All pubs in England – outdoor and indoor – can reopen from 4th July. In Scotland, pubs can open their beer gardens from 6th July and indoors from 15th July.


Emma McClarkin, Chief Executive of the British Beer & Pub Association, said:

“The Welsh Government must follow the lead of the rest of the UK and give our pubs in Wales a definitive date on when they can fully reopen.

“Whilst the announcement today that beer gardens in Wales will be able to reopen is a step forward for pubs in Wales, we still need further clarity on the situation concerning indoor hospitality.

“There will be ludicrous cases of villages close to the border where those pubs on the England side of the boundary will be fully reopened, but those on the Welsh side will be closed or just operating from their pub beer garden only.

“We also urge Wales to adopt the one metre plus guidance being used in England to help ensure consistency and ease of implementation across all pubs.”

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