A passion for beer and pubs

The Welsh Beer & Pub Association is the leading body representing Wales' brewers and pub companies. 

We champion issues that matter to the Welsh beer and pub industry. These are causes our members are passionate about; whether it's promoting great Scottish beer, or campaigning against increases to beer duty and businesses rates that are so damaging to community pubs. 

As part of the wider British Beer & Pub Association, our members are responsible for 90% of the beer brewed across the UK today and we represent around 20,000 of the country’s pubs. They include international companies, family brewers, managed locals and the nation’s largest tenanted pub estates. It’s a diverse group, but we are passionate about representing, supporting and campaigning for the wellbeing of the beer and pub sector. 

Our Members

Our members, as part of the wider British Beer and Pub Association, brew 90% of the beer produced in Britain and look after 20,000 of our country's much-loved pubs. They range from family brewers and regional pub companies to international breweries and Wales's largest pub estates.

It's a diverse group, but they all have one thing in common; passion for beautifully crafted beer and warm and welcoming pubs.

Policy & Campaigns
We champion the issues that matter most to our members, using our knowledge and expertise to campaign for change helping breweries and pubs thrive.
Pubs & Breweries in Numbers
From how many pubs there are in communities across the UK to exports each year, check out all the latest data and statistics on the beer and pub industry.