Full membership

Published on: 1st Jan 1

Who is eligible?  

Full membership of the BBPA is open to brewers producing more than 3,000 barrels per year or pub companies operating more than 10 managed or 20 leased/tenanted pubs.   

What are the benefits of full membership?  

As a full member of the BBPA you will receive access to our complete benefits package including one-to-one member support tailored to your needs, the right to attend BBPA expert Panel and Group sessions on a range of industry-specific topics and exclusive data reports and briefing papers.   

Your membership will include:  

  • Weekly email briefings direct from our CEO Emma McClarkin to your senior leadership, giving you an insight into what’s at the top of the agenda for the sector and what it means for your business, as well as breaking news updates as they come in.

  • Everyone in your organisation having the opportunity to receive bi-weekly updates on key news and opportunities from the sector, helping to connect your business with the BBPA network and ensure your team are briefed on key issues.

  • Access to exclusive political briefing papers from the BBPA policy team, with one-to-one briefings and bespoke advice available in areas of particular interest.  

  • A seat on the BBPA Council with the right to vote on key policy decisions and future strategy. 

  • You and your colleagues can join relevant BBPA Panels and Groups for regular briefings in your key areas of interest, from discussions about innovation, technology and future strategy in our Future Beer and Future Pubs groups to Environment & Sustainability, External Affairs and People & Careers, we offer expert insight across all areas of your business. 

  • Special member rates for tickets to all BBPA events and discounted rates for paid-for BBPA data reports. 

  • Access for you and your colleagues to a regular programme of member-only topical webinars drawing on the BBPA policy team’s in-depth knowledge in all areas of the sector but also featuring third-party experts, for example our recent webinar series involving the Bank of England. 

  • Access to unique data reports and real time insight from our in-house statistician. The BBPA share a range of bespoke data reports with our full members to help with strategic planning including:  
    • A full monthly breakdown of UK beer sales volumes split by channel and beer category  

    • A copy of the BBPA’s annual Statistical Handbook, monthly Sales Volume Survey and quarterly Costs Factsheet 

    • Access to the Annual Barrelage Survey, Costs Benchmarking Guide and regular exclusive reports from our insight partners Oxford Economics, CGA by Nielsen IQ and KAM


  • Access to the member-only portal on the BBPA website which provides a library of exclusive information on key issues.  

  • Use of the BBPA logo on member materials (subject to BBPA logo usage guidance) and reciprocal use of member logo on the BBPA website and materials.  

How much does full membership cost?  

The fee for joining as a full member depends on your barrellage and/or the number of pubs you operate.   

How do I apply? 

Start the application process by filling in a short online form below to register your interest. Our Membership team will then be in touch with your fee quote and to answer any questions you might have.