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  • BBPA responds to Package Travel Directive

    16 April 2018

    Today the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) has welcomed the Government’s response to updating consumer protection in the package travel sector. The response, from the Department of Business, Innovation, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), outlines how BEIS and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport will review the operation of the Package Travel Directive after six and twelve months. The Government will also continue dialogue with the Tourism Alliance and other key stakeholders, including the BBPA. Alongside the Tourism Alliance, the BBPA is looking forward to the opportunity to assess how much protection is needed for a domestic package which does not require travel, by rail or coach for example, and how the tourism industry could be helped to be more productive. Pubs and other local businesses who work together to create appealing offers to UK tourists should not be discouraged from doing so by the cost of bureaucracy. Brigid Simmonds, Chief Executive of the British Beer and Pub Association, today commented: “Pubs are a hugely important part of the UK tourism market, and in recent years more and more pubs have begun to offer rooms. “It is important that local businesses are allowed to work together to create compelling domestic tourism offers. A timely review of the Package Travel Directive enables the Government to examine the cost burdens being placed on businesses.”

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  • BBPA new website is now live - introduction

    Paul Oakley | 16 April 2018

    We are delighted to announce the launch of our new website! We hope you agree the new look is a small improvement on what we were sporting previously. The best news is that we have created a much more navigable website. This means that whether you are a BBPA member, a publican or simply a member of the public interested in beer and pubs all our wonderful news, campaigns, statistics and guidance is right at your fingertips. We also want to update you on several brand-new website features. Some of these are open to everyone but a fair few are exclusively for our members. If you are a BBPA member, make sure you have your log-in information to enjoy all the benefits. We will now run through each section of the website to ensure you can maximise your enjoyment of the new website and make use of the new features. KEY FEATURES/SECTIONS News We’ve kept our News section simple. Using the search function, you can toggle articles and blogs or search by topic with ease. All of our latest and most popular news is highlighted so there’s no reason not to keep up with all the latest goings on in the industry. About In the About section you can learn all about the rich history of the BBPA. You can also see what we’ve been up to lately and how to get in touch with the whole team. Our Passion We are passionate about beer and pubs. In this section you can read all about the industry, from the history of pubs, to how beer is made or articles on working in the industry. Take some time to have a read and become beer and pub experts, just like us! Members Our members are at the heart of everything we do so we want show off who we represent in a great new format. Here, all our members and associate members have a profile, a short introduction and links to their website. The Licensee Forum is new to the website. Free guidance is available to all licensed premises, ranging from advice on health and safety to responsible retailing. The contact box is for those interested in joining the forum, as well as giving you the opportunity to ask us any queries. Campaigning Campaigning is a huge part of what we do at the BBPA. The new campaign section lists all the campaigns which we are currently working on, discussing why we are doing them, and gives you guidance on how you can get involved. Policy We cover a wide range of issues and over the years have produced a lot of content. To help you get to the information you need we have organised our policies by topic. Simply click through to the Policy Area you are interested in and get lost in the BBPA policy team’s fountain of knowledge. Export Hub The Export Hub is a one stop shop for all things exports. You can easily download our Export Strategy and Best Practice Guide. We have also built an Export Showcase. This features brewers dedicated to promoting British Beers abroad and we will work with Government and others to signpost international buyers to this page. We want to grow this over time and hope all our members get involved, so any members who want to be showcased on this section should get in contact via the contact form on the page. We have also launched our new Country Profiles page. We have been working hard researching all the different regulation and labelling requirements of key markets. If you’re trying to get involved in this market we are sure the information on these pages will be invaluable to you. However, this section is restricted to our members. Statistics We work closely with our members and keep up to date with the latest insights to ensure we have industry-leading statistics. We have produced all-new charts detailing the key facts and figures. Explore beer sales over time, see how many pubs there are in the UK, and gain insight into the latest stats on exports. This section comes with additional benefits for our members; simply log in to access a wider range of data than the public view. Shop We have updated our shop. Our products should be much easier to find and we have a new speedy checkout. All this means it is even easier for you purchase what you need. Statistical Handbooks, guidance on CO2 in Cellars, Energy Best Practice…you name it, we have it. Members’ Area Members now have a bespoke new area which will also make it much easier if you sit on any of our panels or expert groups, or indeed would like to get involved with them. Here you can find policy position papers, parliamentary briefings, industry updates, technical circulars, as well meeting minutes and agendas.  Additionally, a new diary of upcoming events means you need never miss another meeting. What now? There’s still lots to do! You will notice throughout the website we have inserted feedback forms. We want to hear from you on any issues and we want you to share your knowledge and experiences, as well as recommend any improvements. One thing we have learnt from this project is that you can never have enough photos! So if you have any photos of beautiful pubs, the wonderful people involved in the industry or pictures of delicious beers then we want them! Please email Lastly... A big thank-you to Lighthouse London who have done a great job on the website. Check out their own website to learn more about their design, development and digital strategy expertise.

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  • BBPA and UKHospitality publish employment guidance with Acas

    12 April 2018

    Today the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) and UKHospitality have published guidance to assist employers in the sector throughout the employment process. The guidance takes employers from the stage of recruiting a new employee to ending the employment relationship, and has been developed in combination with Acas (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service). The document provides tailored guidance for SMEs on a range of employment issues in the hospitality sector, from managing staff absence and discipline to providing equal opportunities. The publication also provides links to further information and tools from Acas, such as equality policy templates and template contracts, to support employers at every stage of the employment journey. Andy Tighe, Policy Director of the British Beer and Pub Association, commented: “The newly developed guidance is an excellent tool for employers, supporting you through every stage of the employment process. The jointly written guidance will help any new start up or established business deal with key employment-related issues.” Kate Nicholls, Chief Executive of UKHospitality, said: “People are at the heart of the hospitality sector and it is crucial that employers have as much information as possible to ensure they remain compliant with the law in what is an increasingly complex area; and also foster a harmonious relationship with their employees. The advice that Acas provides is hugely beneficial and we would urge all hospitality businesses to follow the step-by-step guide and ensure that they access the expert guidance available.” Tom Neil, Acas Senior Guidance Adviser, said: “Some employers within the hospitality industry want to grow their businesses but hesitate in case they misinterpret employment law. This new guide is simple to use and will help small business owners get the basics right when it comes to recruiting, settling and managing staff. “A better understanding of the law can make all the difference between managing staff well and potentially facing a costly and stressful employment tribunal if things aren't handled correctly.” The guidance can be found here.

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  • BBPA welcomes Department for Transport’s next steps towards a new Aviation Strategy

    09 April 2018

    Today the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) has welcomed the publication of the Department for Transport’s ‘Beyond the horizon – the future of UK aviation: next steps towards an aviation strategy’, the document outlines how the upcoming Aviation Strategy will help the UK’s important tourism sector, which supports the UK’s pubs and brewing industry. The BBPA welcomes the Government’s support for Tourism and the clear desire to welcome visitors to the UK. The ‘Next Steps’ considers the importance of infrastructure connecting roads and rail to airports and is very much part of the Government’s strategy to encourage visitors to reach all parts of the UK. Pubs are important tourist destinations; more than half of tourists visit a pub whist staying in the UK, and pubs are listed as the third most popular UK tourist destination. Overseas visitors also drink our beer, want to try it again when they are home and this is good for brewing exports, worth £595 million to the UK economy in 2017. There is a section on alcohol consumption at airports. The BBPA has been engaged with the Home Office for some time on this issue and supports the extension of the Licensing Act to airside. Of course, BBPA members who operate at airports all use the same high standards as they do in pubs across the country. We are helping airports interested in many of the partnership schemes run by the industry, but it is vital that airports and airlines work together to find the right solutions. The publication is clear that immigration at airports is a vital part of our welcome and we must ensure that the use of electronic entry continues once we leave the EU. The BBPA also welcomed the Budget consultation on APD and VAT on tourism as both are vital to our competitiveness in a world market. Brigid Simmonds OBE, Chief Executive of the British Beer and Pub Association, commented: “The BBPA will be working closely with the Department of Transport and other Government departments to ensure pubs are supported by the UK’s upcoming Aviation Strategy. As the UK leaves the EU and looks to trade with the rest of the world, a bold Aviation Strategy will help UK brewers sell their world-class beer across the world and keep the UK an attractive place to visit.”

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  • BBPA responds to Environment Secretary’s announcement of a planned deposit return scheme

    28 March 2018

    Responding to the Environment Secretary’s announcement of a planned bottle and can deposit return scheme, Brigid Simmonds, Chief Executive of the British Beer and Pub Association, today commented: “The BBPA’s role as an industry leader in running packaging compliance schemes for many years puts us in a unique position working with DEFRA to discuss deposit schemes. We will continue to work with the Government to look at the details of any new deposits legislation to make sure that it works for both brewers and small businesses like pubs. It is good to see DEFRA acknowledging that the burden on the hospitality sector must be carefully considered in designing any new scheme. “It is also good to see DEFRA promising to work with the Scottish Government on a single UK scheme. Whilst the UK does not begin from the same starting position as Scandinavia, most of their deposit schemes are industry led. It is essential that any mandatory approach does not add significant costs for businesses or consumers. Any new policy must take into account the cost base of pubs, whilst protecting and enhancing the environment in which we all live.”

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  • BBPA responds to Migration Advisory Committee interim report

    27 March 2018

    Responding to the Migration Advisory Committee interim report on EEA workers in the UK labour market, Brigid Simmonds, Chief Executive of the British Beer and Pub Association, today commented:   “The Migration Advisory Committee’s interim report highlights the importance of migrant workers in the hospitality sector. A survey of BBPA members showed that brewing and pubs employ 17% of their workforce from overseas, but this rises to 40% in metropolitan areas and in some specialist areas such as kitchen staff, up to 80%. The interim report acknowledges that low unemployment does make it harder for businesses to recruit and retain workers and without doubt that is true for pubs in particular.   “We acknowledge that many in entry-level positions in our sector are paid the National Living Wage, but we do not see ourselves purely as a low pay sector. We employ huge numbers of young people - 46% of employees in pubs are under the age of 25. We are working hard as a sector to ensure that working in hospitality is seen as a career and continue to work with the Government to support proposals for a Tourism Sector Industrial Strategy which has a clear focus on skills.   “We are clear that any future immigration system must support the necessary levels of staffing in our sector. It has been good to see the Republic of Ireland changing their migration rules around the employment of chefs. There is a shortage of chefs here too and the experience required, rather than specific qualifications requirements does not fit well under Tier 2 of the current migration system. As the leading voice for brewing and pubs we will continue to work closely with the Home Office on a post-Brexit migration system that best serves our sector and have made clear that the tier system needs reform. Additionally, we would like to see the Youth Mobility Scheme, which gives the freedom for young people to live and work in the UK for up to two years, extended to EU nationals.”

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