Published on: 22nd Feb 2024
BBPA Launches 2024 Manifesto for Brewers and Pubs in Parliament

The British Beer and Pub Association yesterday launched their manifesto for brewers and pubs ahead of the upcoming General Election in the heart of Parliament, with speeches from Minister and Shadow Leader of the House of Commons Lucy Powell welcoming the document and the role of brewers and pubs in Britain’s future prosperity. 

The speakers were joined by representatives of some of the biggest brewers and pub companies in the UK, alongside over 30 other MPs who were able to hear about the problems the sector is facing and the support from Government it needs to thrive first hand.

Alongside the BBPA’s pre-existing demands for lower beer duty, long-term business rates, and a 12.5% Hospitality VAT rate, the manifesto also called for providing incentives and tax relief for green investments, an immediate review and holistic business impact assessment of the current packaging waste and collection reforms and more. 

Esther McVey MP, Minister of State without Portfolio said: 

“Brewing and pubs are some of the great traditions of our country. Pubs are a vital space for communities, especially rural communities, to come together. This Government has provided support on energy costs, business rates and beer duty, but we recognise conditions are still tough.”

Lucy Powell MP, Shadow Leader of the House of Commons said: 

“I am happy to be able to speak at this event, especially as I won the Parliamentary Beer Champion award at last year’s All Party Parliamentary Beer Group dinner. We are committed to supporting this sector through reforming business rates, supporting apprenticeships, and through town centre regeneration."

Emma McClarkin, Chief Executive of the British Beer and Pub Association said: 

“We have created this manifesto for Britain’s brewers and pubs to make clear to Political Parties of all colours what this vital sector of the UK economy needs to grow and prosper. Intelligent investment from Government in the nation’s pubs and brewers will allow them to keep investing in their people and the economy, while continuing in their role at the heart of our communities. 

“With the beer and pub sector supporting over 900,000 jobs and providing £26bn of value to the economy, it is clear any future Government must get brewers and pubs thriving if they want to achieve long-term, nationwide economic growth, and that is what the policies in this manifesto will allow.” 

See the BBPA's Manifesto for Brewers and Pubs here