Published on: 18th Sep 2023
    BBPA calls for urgent business rates reform after pub closures continue to soar

    Responding to new figures on pub closures, Emma McClarkin Chief Executive of the British Beer and Pub Association, the organisation that supports the Long Live the Local campaign, said:

    “These figures don’t just tell the story of the hard times pubs have faced the past few years but indicate what’s to come if the Government fails to extend the business rates relief and implement wider business reform. Since 2020 our pubs have faced a myriad of challenges, from forced closures to an ongoing energy crisis and for many the looming increase in business rates early next year will be the last straw.

    “Our pubs play a vital role in local socio-economic success all over the UK, but they aren’t able to do their very best work because they are under threat from unfair taxation through business rates and VAT, looming duty rises and extreme energy bills that are forcing publicans to make incredibly tough choices. Under the right conditions, our pubs have proven they are resilient, standing strong for centuries, but we really need the Government to lay foundations to ensure pubs can serve their communities now and in the future.”

    You can support pubs by signing the Long Live the Local petition here.