Health, Community & Wellbeing

Beer has always been an integral part of Britain’s heritage and culture and remains the nation’s favourite alcoholic drink today, to be enjoyed at its best in a Great British pub.

Working alongside our members and other industry partners we help to keep pubs at the beating heart of their communities and promote the benefits of beer as a low strength drink.

Benefits of Beer
Due in part to the use of natural, home-grown ingredients and an inherently low alcohol content, beer, when enjoyed in moderation and as part of a healthy lifestyle and diet, imparts many benefits.
Heart of the Community
Pubs sit at the heart of communities across the UK, providing a warm, welcoming space for people to come together and stave off loneliness.
Save Your Local!

Our Long Live the Local Campaign exists to save pubs in communities across the UK. 

Add your support, it only takes two minutes but could help your beloved local stay open.