Health & Safety

    As employers, UK brewing and pub companies are committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of team members and customers at their production sites and venues.

    We support our members on a broad range of aspects of health and safety relating to brewing, logistics and retail establishments. Below are some key guidance documents and information relating to health & safety across the brewing and pub sector.

    Key Documents & Guidance
    Managing Safety in Pubs

    The UK pub industry operates in a highly regulated environment and through the licensing objectives must ensure the responsible operation of its premises. A key priority of the industry is to ensure that both customers and staff feel secure, comfortable and safe in all licensed premises.

    There is also a duty of care to customers under health and safety law. The BBPA has developed guidance to support members by setting out the salient factors to be considered and to identify preventative measures that can be taken where appropriate to ensure the responsible operation of licensed premises at all times for customers, staff and the local community.

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    Electrical safety Code of Practice

    The purpose of the Electrical Code is to give guidance to all stakeholders involved in the design, manufacture, purchase, import, supply, installation and the maintenance of electrical equipment used for the storage and dispensing of draught beer in licensed premises, with the objective of ensuring electrical safety.

    The Code also provides a basic reference for brewers, retailers and licensees.

    Read Section 1 of the Electrical Safety Code of Practice

    Read Section 2 of the Electrical Safety Code of Practice

    Read Section 3 of the Electrical Safety Code of Practice

    Pressure systems for the Dispense of Beer
    Fire Safety Guidance

    Guidance on fire safety, including a link to the relevant government website with detailed information on fire safety guidance.

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    Security in Design

    The hospitality industry is vibrant, dynamic and continually changing to meet the aspirations of contemporary consumers. Nowhere is this more true than in pubs where feeling relaxed and safe is vital to customers and staff.

    Security, therefore, is a vital element in any professionally run outlet. It is achievable through a variety of methods including:

    • Designing an environment that minimises opportunities for crime
    • Providing hardware and electronic devices, which minimise access to intruders and maximise possibilities for detection of criminal activity

    Increasing staff awareness and training so they can work towards reducing risks.

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    CO2 in Cellars

    An accumulation of CO2 in a pub cellar could potentially present a risk to staff entering the cellar. Although serious incidents involving gas in pub cellars are extremely rare, the BBPA has prepared guidance for licensees in assessing the risk which also sets out good practice for the safe use of dispense gases.

    Asbestos Guidance

    The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006 (CAR) includes an explicit duty to manage asbestos in non-domestic premises. This was first introduced in 2002, coming into effect in 2004. While virtually all production activities involving potential exposure to asbestos have now ceased, research and evidence shows that there remains considerable risk from accidental exposure to asbestos.

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