Pubs and breweries are amongst the most heavily taxed business sectors in the UK, generating over £15 billion of tax revenues for the Exchequer each year. 

    We campaign to reduce the unfair tax burden on our sector and provide guidance and information to support our members comply with taxation law.

    Duty Rates Across Europe
    The UK's beer duty is one of the highest in Europe. This graph shows how it compares to other countries.
    Tax on a pint
    Before your beer reaches the bar, brewers and pubs have already had to pay a range of different taxes. This graph shows the costs that make up an average pint.
    Key Policy Areas
    Beer & Alcohol Duty
    • Beer duty in the UK remains among the highest in Europe, despite a period of freezes and reductions successfully achieved over the last decade    

    • Reform of the wider alcohol duty regime to better incentivise consumption of lower strength beverages and support pubs  

    • Small brewer relief, to become small producer relief, that provides addition discounts for small brewers 

    • We work closely with HMRC on modernisation of the duty regime and mitigating fraud risks  

    Business Rates
    • We advocate for a fairer business rates regime and reforms to reduce the disproportionate burden faced by pubs and avoid continued increases more broadly on our sector 

    • We work collaboratively across the sector and with the Valuation Office Agency to support a fair assessment of pub rateable values  


    We lobby for lower VAT for the hospitality sector to provide equity with the retail sector and support the UK’s tourism offer.  

    Other Taxes

    The BBPA is responsible for managing the Brewing sector Climate Change Agreement which provides for a significant discount on the Climate Change Levy in return for meeting emissions reduction targets 

    Save Your Local!

    Our Long Live The Local Campaign exists to save pubs in communities across the UK through reducing the unfair tax burden on our sector.

    Add your support, it only takes two minutes but could help your beloved local stay open.