The Brewers' Research and Education Fund

    The Brewers’ Research and Education Fund (BREF) is a major brewing industry grants award to support the brewing industry through relevant scientific research and education. The Worshipful Company of Brewers is the Fund’s Trustee.

    The BREF is now OPEN for the 2024/25 application cycle.

    Further information and all necessary forms can be found via the links below. Deadline for applications is the 31st March. Applicants are strongly advised to read the Terms and Conditions for grant applications and in addition the extended applicant guidance which provides more detail and advice on the application process and the expectations of the BREF Advisory Committee.

    About the Fund
    Application Process

    The BREF Advisory Committee will review all applications before making a recommendation to the Trustee. Therefore, applicants should ensure that they provide sufficient information for the Committee so they can fully understand the scope of the proposed project, including details of specific outcomes and how these will benefit the UK brewing sector. The results of the project should also be clearly supported with details of the particular fund objective(s) along with anticipated importance, scale and impact.

    Applications which aren’t fully completed or don’t contain sufficient detail or clarity will be at a disadvantage in the decision-making process. Some extended guidance on the application process can be found using the guide below.

    BREF Application form

    BREF Extended Applicant Guidance

    BREF Successful Grant Applications

    Fully completed application forms should be sent to Steve Livens at

    Deadline for applications is March 31st.

    Objectives of the Fund

    As well as reading the BREF terms & conditions (see attachment below), applicants must also ensure that each submitted application fully explains how the project will satisfy at least one of the Fund objectives:

    1. To promote brewing education, training and research.

    2. To research and educate the public about beer consumption.

    3. To research the composition and nutritional value of beer in relation to diet and wellbeing.

    4. To promote research relating to the environmental and economic sustainability of the brewing sector.